Working in the COVID Era

Working in the COVID Era

By  Claes Eek Thorstensen, President and CCO, Thome Group

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The whole world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic which has disrupted our working and personal lives like nothing else in living memory.

However, I am proud of the way our office and ship staff have coped with the challenges that the global COVID-19 restrictions have thrown at us.

We have adapted extremely well and shown flexibility and ingenuity in the way we have managed this crisis.

We  have  kept  our lines of communication open and handled some tough situations especially with regards to crew repatriations. However, in being honest and open with our seafarers by keeping them informed of the latest news, they repaid us by continuing to work, sometimes beyond their contract expiry dates, even though they did not know when they would finally be repatriated. We are eternally grateful for their patience and understanding.

Our office teams have worked exceptionally well at home and have admirably supported their seafaring colleagues with information such as the latest news on various port restrictions, help with remote audits and new processes and procedures to work around the restrictions.

While managing our business through this period of uncertainty, we did manage to mark 57 years in the maritime industry back in July with some social media announcements. It is sometimes important to reflect and take stock of just how far we have come as a company during this time.

Business is all about change and keeping ahead of the curve and I am pleased to say that the Thome Group has always prided itself on constantly evolving and refining its services so that its clients and principals get value for money. Our aim is to always stay at least one step ahead of our competitors and we must concentrate all our efforts to ensure we do this.

As we navigate the COVID Crisis, I believe that we will emerge even stronger and wiser having experienced so many unprecedented situations which we have managed to find ways of working around.

Moving forward, I believe we can use these new solutions learnt during the lockdown to flourish in the ‘new normal’.