“What is your wish for this Christmas?”

“What is your wish for this Christmas?”

By TGN Editorial Team

This question was posed to the officers and crew of Thome managed vessels who will be working during the Christmas period when the rest of us are enjoying the festive break with our family and friends.
Please take the time below to read their messages of love and hope for Christmas and the New Year.


“Christmas is about “love”. I personally wish everyone the love they deserve. First of all, love from God. I wish everyone is showered with the love of God. For family, the love that is showered whenever we are around and I hope it will last forever. The love to oneself. I wish not only for myself but also to all seafarers I wish the health they deserve and to continue to live their lives as they want. I wish that the atmosphere during this season will be full of love where everywhere you go, the love from one to another will nurture their environment and make it a better place. And lastly, I wish that the company will be showered with blessings for all its struggles. It may be related to work, employees and others. I wish that those blessings will ensure the future of everyone in the company.”

April John Navarro, OIC – NW


My wish for this coming Christmas is that God Arnelwill continue to bless me and my family. May He continue to give us a good health and peace of mind while I’m onboard this coming Christmas. May God grant my goals and guide me through all the challenges and obstacles in life. Let there be peace on earth. I wish that Thome will share its blessings for those people who are in need.

Arnel Tampus Pangatungan, 2nd Officer  


OrlyI wish that the economy of the country would be better than last year. Better in a way that allows Filipino workers the freedom to choose to work here in our country rather than having to work abroad if that is what they prefer.

Orly Irag, Chief Engineer

John Roel


My wish for this Christmas is to go onboard the vessel as an officer so that I can repay my parents for all the sacrifices they made and make their wishes come true.” – John Roel Torres – Engine Cadet


John Patrick

My wish this coming Christmas is to have a stable job on a vessel run by the Thome Group. To wish my mother a strong, healthy and long life. Also, for me to remain healthy so I can perform my job to the best of my abilities.

John Patrick Allermo – Engine Cadet


So, as you can see these messages are inspiring and uplifting with the true message and spirit of Christmas coming through. Please take the time to think of your colleagues who are working over the festive period while you are enjoying yourself with your families and friends. Without their sacrifice global trade would not happen during this time which would have serious economic repercussions for the world.

So let us all drink a toast to their commitment and dedication and wish them safe passage and calm seas.