By TGN Editorial Team


Jose Florico L. Galimba Jr“To start the year with positivity we asked a group of Thome’s employees on what they look forward to the most in 2020. It could be about anything small or conversely something really big and ambitious. It could be anything meaningful that will keep them motivated and persistent throughout the year. Here are just some of the inspirational comments from a selection of our hardworking team of seafarers.

I know this year will bring a storm of responsibilities, a mountain of high waves full of challenges that can be overwhelming.  This time, I will navigate and plan my journey. I look forward to my career growth as a seafarer, taking every opportunity.”

                                                                                                           Jose Florico L. Galimba Jr.,
Deck Cadet


John Patrick Resuma

“For this year 2020, I am positively looking forward for a healthy and genuine romantic relationship. I wish to find someone who will take care of me and to share a laugh with. To have someone who I can share a good conversation and exchange plans and dreams with. I am looking forward to meet someone who will compliment my personality – we can film our vlog together, eat together until we get fat and travel together without getting tired because we both know that we have each other. Everything in the world will be at peace if there is love. “

John Patrick Resuma,
Technical Purchasing Executive,
Thome ROHQ


Eleazar T. Lato“I’m looking forward to learn more about seafaring to help me love and understand it more. I also cannot wait to start providing for my family this year so I can give them a better life. My work involves a lot of traveling, and so I look forward to being exposed on different culture, people, cities and learn from them. “

Eleazar Lato,
Deck Cadet



Maria” I’ve decided to change my habits in my free time – spend more time with my friends while hiking to the top of mountains, exploring the beauty of nature and spending less time indoors. For me, nature is the best place to recharge for the whole week ahead. I would like to dedicate more attention to my health and body since it puts me in a good mood and makes me more productive in general. “

Maria Pijevac,
Crewing Officer, Tanker Division,
Thome Croatia



Siti Syafiqah Yussof “To have work life balance and spend more quality time with family! I am looking forward to spend even such small activities like having simple breakfast or tea-break together over the weekends.
It is important to have goals for careers but don’t confuse having a career with having a life.”

Siti Syafiqah Yussof,
HSSEQ Compliance Executive,
Thome Singapore




Guarav Bhardwaj “I am setting self-health care and personality development goals by learning socializing skills, dressing well & learning to remain fulfilled with my life. I also have decided to take my professional qualification to next level so this year has a lot of promises for me and it is truly liberating.”

Gaurav Bhardwaj,
Safety Coach, Thome India