Using Technology to Create Greater Thome Ship Agency Efficiencies

Using Technology to Create Greater Thome Ship Agency Efficiencies

By Tommy Ng, Commercial Executive, Thome Ship Agency

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Established in Singapore in 1963, providing professional ship agency and marine services worldwide, Thome Ship Agency (TSA) has grown to become a leading shipping agency and is one of the most recognised shipping agents in Singapore and Thailand.

TSA is now a functional department within the Thome Group which facilitates the inward and outward formalities with the respective authorities, complies to local regulations and coordinates with vendors and suppliers for the smooth delivery and timely turnaround of the vessel in question.

Besides the husbandry activities such as vetting, provisions, spares, stores, charts, sign on / off, and port state control, which are commonly required for our managed vessels, we are actively involved with a vessel’s direct owners and charterers; performing full agency, protective, bunkering and cargo operations; arranging berthing, tugs, pilots, liaising with a receiver or supplier of cargo, cargo quantity, bill of lading and tax payment.

Over the years, TSA has expanded from its four shipping agency offices (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and China). We have also included a hub function to handle approximately 4,055 port calls per annum for Thome managed vessels. To encourage productivity, we have created a network of agents to complement the requirements of Thome managed vessels, third party owners and charterers.

Sometime in early 2020, we are expecting to roll out an online hub portal to facilitate the process for the anticipated 6,161 physical port calls per annum from the beginning of the agency appointment, providing cost study or comparison, automation and standardization of operations report and timely updates, and finally to the payment process. This new portal will not be limited to only Thome managed vessels; both direct owners and charterers will be welcome onboard as well. One of the objectives for this portal is to expedite immediate information to the user to minimise time spent on backtracking emails to reconfirm arrangements. We are taking a serious view on technology to facilitate the volume of vessels and port calls to bring about efficient operations and cost savings for our customers.