TSM Recruit: A New Tool for Seafarers

TSM Recruit: A New Tool for Seafarers

By Orly L. Magnata, Marketing, Communications & Planning Officer, TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc.

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TSM Group unveiled another milestone on July 24, 2020 by launching the TSM Recruit – the first app-based recruitment tool in the Philippine maritime industry. The online event  was led by TSM Group’s CEO Ian R. Garcia and attended by seafarer applicants. Driven by its passion to constantly innovate and build a pool of  highly-skilled  seafarers,  the TSM Recruit app makes job applications more convenient for seafarers with its exciting features designed to provide them with a great user experience.

Through the app, the seafarer gets access to the latest job openings and updates from various companies under the TSM Group. Bringing the job search to the next level, the seafarer can submit multiple applications to different

companies at the same time and is automatically matched with the job openings suited to  the  applicant’s experience and credentials. Other added features include notifications, view job application status and activities, and a calendar that shows the applicant’s assigned interview schedule.

The TSM Recruit is part of TSM Group’s strong commitment in providing job opportunities for Filipino seafarers — promoting their welfare while it remains steadfast in serving the global maritime industry. Applying for a job can now be done anytime and anywhere. Download the TSM Recruit App for free on Google Play or the App Store now.