Training Multi-National Crew Across the Globe

Training Multi-National Crew Across the Globe

By Sunil Parashar, Senior Learning & Development Manager

Training Multi National Crew Across The Globe

Thome operates globally and works with crew from various nationalities.

While we operate a state of the art training centre in the Philippines, with the latest training systems, the accessibility of this facility globally can be limiting. To extend our coverage with the same quality of training for developing our sea staff, we partner with selected training centers in the various countries we operate in.

Each of our nominated training partners is selected after a structured assessment process of their facilities and capabilities.

As a partner, we work closely with the training centre to maintain our training requirements in terms of quality and content.

Our global training partners provide excellent training and coaching solutions to our seafarers so they can work more effectively across all boundaries between countries and cultures.

Together with Thome, our global partners ensure the continuous learning and training of its seafarers. They continuously look for ways to test the proficiency of seafarers enabling them to improve their group and individual effectiveness, their work efficiency and how to contribute to their own personal growth and success. All initiatives are aligned with Thome in reaching the organization’s training goals.

The Thome Global Training Partnership extends our footprint to all our regions.

Applied Research institute (ARI) –

Applied Research International, Delhi is an institute that provides training for candidates aspiring to become navy cadets. It provides both pre-sea and post sea courses commonly known as B.Sc. in Nautical Science. ARI Delhi also provides professional development courses.

New Alliance Marine Training Centre (NAMTC)

The New Alliance Marine Training Centre (NAMTC) was established in Wuhan in April 2009. It’s aim is to provide a very high standard training service, recognized and accepted by the strictest ship owners and operators. Being inspired by its perception of maritime training, excellent professionals in the field gathered together under its flag to realize their ambitions of helping Chinese seafarers to improve their competence to meet the requirements of the global market.

SSM Maritime Training Center

SSM Maritime Training Centre offers an enviable range of full mission simulators, equipment and courses – much of which is rarely found under one roof, let alone in a single location. All possible training is included – from initial deck and engineer officer entry, through to senior officer certificates and mandatory safety courses.


Epsilon operates a dedicated in-house Training & Q.A. department and we make extensive use of their bridge and engine simulators and CB training. Training programs include deck courses, engine courses, health, safety and security courses, environmental protection courses and communication courses.