THOME ROHQ Teambuilding

THOME ROHQ Teambuilding

By Eleanor Villa, Assistant Human Resources Manager, Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd – ROHQ

Thome Group Tgn Teambuilding Optimized


Last June 21-22, 2019 we had our yearly team building held at Montemar Beach Club in Bataan. We were divided into 4 groups (Pink, Yellow, Green and Purple) for our team building activities facilitated by Playworks. The purpose of having these groups is not to compete but rather to promote teamwork and build camaraderie among ourselves.

All our activities were aligned to understand more our Core Values – Excellence, Customers, Integrity, Teamwork, Environment and Safety. The message is to ensure that these values are applied in our daily lives as an employee of Thome Ship Management ROHQ.

The theme of this year’s teambuilding is “Thome Ignites Growing Team” which means while we are growing as an organization we are ensuring that everyone is motivated to drive excellence to their performance.

On the night of 21st of June, we celebrated our Fellowship Night “Luau Party”. This was the time when we had a chance to mingle with our co-workers and to get to know them better. We had some games, awarding, performances and not to mention we also hired a popular band who performed that night. Everyone enjoyed the night full of fun and laughter and of course we also had few drinks available for everyone to enjoy.

Post our event, we’ve gathered feedback from all our employees and 97% of them are satisfied with all the activities we prepared for them.