Thome Marine Services – Helping Our Clients Work Around COVID-19 Restrictions

Thome Marine Services – Helping Our Clients Work Around COVID-19 Restrictions

By Gautam Kashyap, Chief Operating Officer, Marine Services

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The aim of Thome Marine Services during the pandemic, which has caused severe disruption to the global supply chain, has been to provide as complete a service as possible to its clients and principals.

Measures have been put in place to safeguard our employees whether in the office or at sea. These can be summarised as follows:


Port Agency:

  • We have been constantly reviewing ports to support crew changes and provide services to our In close dialogue with authorities and industry partners to frame conducive rules for safe vessel calls to ports
  • All movements to and from a vessel are conducted in a safe manner with appropriate PPE and dedicated staff and transport arrangements
  • A significant number of crew changes have been carried out at ports supported by Thome Ship Agency (TSA
  • Singapore, China, Philippines and For special cases, TSA has been able to facilitate crew changes with all necessary approvals
  • TSA has launched its ‘Agency Portal’ which will provide online information on vessels calling at any port – port log, crew change details, suppliers information, inspections, CTM delivery – for smooth planning and transparency


Aegir Global Travel (Corporate, Oil & Gas, and Marine travel specialist):

  • Travel arrangements, though a bit better, remain a challenge to facilitate safe Most commercial airlines are not flying
  • Aegir has used a variety of options to facilitate crew changes – chartered flights, commercial flights, dedicated government flights, local embassy support for special waivers etc
  • Amongst the most challenging was to facilitate crew changes in Panama, where crew changes were permitted on humanitarian grounds and a combination of 2 chartered flights and multiple commercial flights were carried out to aid the changes
  • Aegir will continue to use its advanced software to find optimal crewing solutions for its clients


Marine Consultancy:

  • Given the travel restrictions, Thome Marine Consultancy is helping its owners carry out inspections and dockings of vessels across the world
  • Support from Thome Marine Consultancy has varied from performing audits, vessel takeovers, condition assessments, vessel modifications and docking
  • With increased business with regards to layups, consultancy, IHM inspections and engineering solutions, Thome Marine Consultancy is looking to expand its global footprint to better serve its clients


So, Thome Marine Services has put in place measures that have helped to work around any restrictions brought about by the pandemic so that its services could be maintained and managed appropriately in these uncertain and challenging times while safeguarding the health and safety of its staff and assets. Some of these practices will be carried forward into the new era post- COVID if they are deemed to be more efficient.