Thome Group Seafarers’ Art Contest: Art In The Time of Corona

Thome Group Seafarers’ Art Contest: Art In The Time of Corona

Onboard Art Contest Email Blast

Art In the time of Corona

Release your creativity by expressing your thoughts on COVID-19 through art!

Grand Prize of $500

Two consolation prizes of $250 each

Deadline of submission: May 18, 2020



  1. Using any form of art, create an art piece with a subject that expresses your thoughts on COVID-19. Any theme that covers the pandemic is valid. Here are the sample themes below:
    1. Salute to the frontliners
    2. Unity of all nation against COVID-19
    3. Humanity, Hope, Safety
  2. Artwork must be on Canvas or Paper. You may use any medium or tools.
    1. For drawing or paintings, you may use oil, water, colors, pencil, crayons or any other materials.
  3. Size of the artwork must not be less that A4 or 8.3 × 11.7 inches
  4. Upon completing your art, take a good and clear photo and send it to with email subject: Art In Time of Corona Contest.
    1. On the email, include your name, rank, and vessel
    2. Attach the photo  separately. It should not be inside a WORD FILE to retain the image quality.
    3. Add a TITLE and short caption on the body of the email or in a word file, related to the theme: “Art in the time of Corona”. Should not be less than 100 words
  5. You may also send your entry via private message at Thome Group official Facebook Page
  6. In photographing your artwork, the photo must be in a JPEG format with minimum of 500kb but not more than 3MB in file size
  7. Do not alter your artwork or enhance or include effects. It should be photographed in its original/raw format
  8. Altered Images refer to photographs manipulated and applied with special effects (colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, HDR, etc.). However, minor adjustments, including sharpening, contrast and slight color adjustment or the digital equivalents, are acceptable
  9. Must ensure that all photos submitted are clear, not blurred and with good lighting

Criteria for Judging

  • Relevance to the Theme:25%
  • Creativity: 25%
  • Technique: 25%
  • Overall impact: 25%

Safety Reminder:

Always take reasonable care to ensure that you do not endanger yourselves or anyone else when doing your artwork and taking a photo of your artwork


  • This contest is for Thome Seafarers who are currently onboard
  • Participants may send a maximum of three (3) entries
  • Artwork must not contain highly immoral, obscene, malicious and/or in violation of general company policies
  • Do not post or upload photos of your artwork publicly while contest is still ongoing
  • All photos submitted shall become properties of Thome Group.
  • By joining the contest, the entrant is considered to have granted Thome Group the permission or license to use the artwork/ photos, along with the names of the participants, for various publications, marketing collaterals and for other purposes


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