Thome Group CEO shares insight on Digital Management

Thome Group CEO shares insight on Digital Management


“Knowing what data to focus on is paramount as the amount of data available is huge. So, the skill is in understanding what elements are important and will help add value to the business.” – Olav Nortun, CEO, Thome Group

The Shipping Industry is taking the Digitalisation route. As part of its three-part series, Fathom World  looks into the transformation of the shipping industry by adapting new methods and technologies.

Ship Management firms like Thome Group are looking at taking a more strategic approach to the new methods that they implement. “However, there is a balance to be struck and we carefully evaluate new digital systems first to see if they will give us real benefits before deciding whether or not to implement them in our business”, explains Olav.

He added that every decision needs to be a collaboration between experts. “It is also a question of collaboration between different departments in the business e.g. between IT and technical personnel as they need to work together to come up with solutions that will bring benefits to our operations”, he adds.

In 2017, Thome Group has opened its operation hub which has state-of-the-art facilities that provides real-time information, allowing the company to have a closer control over its managed fleet. The hub features high tech systems that allows remote tracking of individual ships in the fleet, passage planning, security risk assessment, weather routing, video conferencing, integrated vessel management system (NAU) implementation, and individual on-board CCTV remote monitoring by the hub.

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