Thome Group Annual Officer Conference 2019 in Manila: Engagement through Teamwork

Thome Group Annual Officer Conference 2019 in Manila: Engagement through Teamwork

By Nhelette Banta, Training Officer,
Learning and Development Department

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Thome Group’s Annual Officers Conference 2019 was held at Makati Diamond Residences 25-26th March 2019 in Manila. It was attended by more than 90 of Thome’s officers joined by owner representatives from Marinvest Shipping AB, Odfjell, Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd., Chembulk Tankers, Ardmore Shipping Pte. Ltd., A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Frontline , Golden Ocean Group Ltd. and Thome Ship Management, Singapore guest.

This year’s conference was slightly different than previous years with the Plenary Session by the TSM Group on the first half day of the conference. Interesting topics relevant to the maritime industry such as Mental Health Awareness was conducted by an external speaker. Kjell Vassdal from Odfjell talked about “Learning from Incidents” from an owner’s perspective. In the afternoon the Thome Group Annual Officers Conference began with Olav Nortun and Hanus Mikkelsen making opening remarks, followed by Technical and Commercial updates conducted by Thome SG representatives, and setting an expectation conducted by Siddharth Kumar of Green Jakobsen. This year’s conference was intended to be a learning experience for all the attendees to achieve maximum engagement of the officers through a series of planned workshops which divided the group up into three teams.

The team competed using elements of gamification and prizes were given to the Red Team for having the highest number of points earned during the conference. We received a lot of good feedback from the participants, they enjoyed the process of learning while having fun. Breakout sessions were also led by the owners’ representatives to take the opportunity to meet the officers sailing in their fleet.

The Learning and Development team is proud to have delivered a fun and engaging conference and is looking forward to the upcoming conference in other regions to repeat the same positive experience which officers had in Manila this year.