The Voice: Your Onboard Videoke Challenge

The Voice: Your Onboard Videoke Challenge


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Does your crew love singing? Do they have the best videoke session? Now it’s time to unleash the inner performer within your group as Thome searches for the next videoke idols! The vessel with the best entry will win USD750! This is a group effort so team work must be present!


Deadline of submission: June 29, 2020

Grand prize: USD 750

Two consolation prizes: USD300 each



  1. Each vessel can send maximum of two video entries with 5 members each or more
    • Must be a group performance
    • Using of costume and props is highly recommended
  2. The video must not be less than 3 minutes but not more than 5-minute long. The video should be in landscape orientation
  3. The song must be English for universal appeal and understanding. If you choose a song in another language, please provide a subtitle and translation along with your entry
  4. A representative from each vessel must upload their entries by any of the following methods:
    • Vessel OneDrive – Upload it in folder name To Office, ask assistance from your Master to upload it
    • Email us at (for files below 10MB only)
    • Thome Facebook Page via private message
    • WhatsApp – Send to +639190644146

Send or upload your videos with the title <Vessel Name> Onboard Videoke Challenge! along with a short description which includes the name of the participants, ranks, and vessel name

  1. The video must be of good quality – good lighting and not blurred. The video must be in MP4 format
  2. The video must be in its original/raw format, no auto tuning on voice, lip syncing and adding visual effects on video. However, minor adjustments on the video quality, including sharpening, contrast and slight color adjustment or the digital equivalents, are acceptable
  3. Song choice and video must adhere to Thome’s Core Values; no depiction of violence, immoral acts, and any prohibited actions



  • In the event that a videoke equipment is not available onboard , a music-video type of production will be allowed. Take note that singing should still be live and not lip-synced
  • The prize is per vessel, not individual
  • Competition will be for all Thome Vessels. The participants on the video must be currently onboard
  • The video must be taken while onboard, and must be done during breaks or off day/time of the crew
  • Do not post or upload your entries publicly while the contest is still running
  • All videos submitted shall become properties of Thome Group
  • By joining the contest, the entrant is considered to have granted Thome Group the permission or license to use the video, along with the names of the participants, for various publications, marketing collateral and for other purposes.


Criteria for Judging:

  • Performance – 50%
    • Voice Quality
    • Technique
    • Originality
  • Production – 30%
    • Team Work
    • Costume and Props
    • Creativity
  • Overall appeal and impact –  20%

Safety Statement:

Always take reasonable care to ensure that you do not endanger yourselves or anyone else during the performance

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