Shore Staff Preparations for COVID-19

Shore Staff Preparations for COVID-19

By Cheryl Kok, HR Manager

Shore Staff Preparations For Covid 19

Businesses across the globe are facing an unprecedented state of change and uncertainty as they work to address the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. In times like this, it is imperative that we act fast and reduce risks faced by our people, our operations, and our business.

I. Safety of our people

Our people are our most valuable asset which is wh y, in the initial stage, we recognized that all emplo yees should have a thermometer to measure and monitor their own health and raise out any abnormality in temper ature.

We also implemented a screening questionnaire for all visitors to our offices including temper ature checks. In addition, to help reduce the v olume of visitors to our office, we advised our emplo yees to use video conferencing and avoid face-to-face communication as much as possible.

We also enforced safe distancing measures and staggered hours in our Singapore office to minimize staff numbers and reduce a potential infection spread.

II. Continuity of business

Eventually as various countries’ go vernments imposed lockdowns, tightened border controls and restricted movement, we had to ensure continuity of our business by moving towards working at home. The challenge then was to ensure that e very single one of our emplo yees had a laptop to work from home with a stable internet connection so that productivity could be maintained. Our IT team provided tremendous support during this period in the procurement of equipment for e veryone and the setting-up of various systems and applications.

People in key functions can return to the office for essential matters to ensure our business is running as usual.

III. Communication challenge

As with all project implementation and roll-out, the real challenge is on the communication front, in making sure our people understand the reasons for such measures and abiding by them. With the help of our departmental heads and line managers, we managed to get our message across and have full compliance from emplo yees and are extremely fortunate that our emplo yees have been so understanding on the implemented measures.

Even now as we continue to fight the pandemic while living on this new normal, we need to be resilient and ride out the crisis together to emerge stronger than before. Only then will we be ready to embark on the ne xt upward wave as a Thome family.