Senior Officers Recruitment Initiatives

Senior Officers Recruitment Initiatives

By Nathanael Leong, Assistant Marine HR Manager


Recruitment of seafarers is an important function to ensure that our pool of seafarers is adequately maintained, and we can account for attrition and manage our promotion pipeline.

Streamlining the Process
In a company as diverse as the Thome Group, it is a challenge to streamline the recruitment process due to different requirements for each vessel type and expectations of each owner. Nonetheless, a working group was set up in mid-2017 with the specific focus to enhance our recruitment process while still meeting the company’s requirements. In January 2018, the revised recruitment procedure was implemented for Thome Ship Management in which senior officers’ recruitment was centralized under the Marine HR department, instead of being managed separately by each fleet group. The overall concept is that candidates should be interviewed by a centralized team and approved candidates can be assigned to join any fleet group which manages the type of vessel that he/she has been approved for, regardless of who interviewed him.

Key highlights of the new process includes:

  • Rotation of Vessel Managers (VM) and Marine Superintendents (MS) as interviewers for their respective Tanker or Dry Bulk Division, instead of each VM/MS interviewing only for his fleet group
  • Proactive and ongoing recruitment, instead of reactive recruitment
  • Structured interview process

In addition to centralized recruitment efforts, several recruitment roadshows have been conducted in India, Philippines, Myanmar, and Ukraine to raise awareness about the Thome Group in the region and attract senior officers to join us.

Once candidates have been approved through the centralized recruitment process, we will coordinate with Crewing Operations for timely placement onboard Thome-managed vessels.

Looking forward
Going forward, the intention is to implement the centralized recruitment process for Thome Offshore and Oil & Gas as well in order to align the same process across the Group. We are also looking into sharing relevant information and findings with manning offices as learning points to increase the quality of candidates being proposed for our consideration. We recognize that the recruitment process is the candidate’s first interaction with the company hence it is important that the process is streamlined and efficient so that the candidate has a positive experience, regardless if he/she is finally approved to join Thome Fleet or not.