Seafarers Travelling the World

Seafarers Travelling the World

By TGN Editorial Team,

Article 16.1

While the life of a seafarer can be demanding and quite stressful, there are times when some shore leave can help to alleviate the tensions and restrictions of being on board a vessel for months at a time. Visiting different places around the globe and experiencing a variety of cultures and cuisines is the reason why may people choose a life at sea. Here are some of their experiences when enjoying some well-earned shore leave:

“My most memorable trip was when I was in Barcelona, Spain. I went to visit its most famous church which is La Sagrada and Barcelona Cathedral, situated in ”The Gothic Quarter” in Barcelona. For me this is one of my most unforgettable experiences because not only seeing the place but also, I was able to get a sense of the extent of the influence it has had on our culture. Being a seafarer has given me this exclusive opportunity to visit extraordinary places at almost/little cost. I hope one day I can visit this place again together with my family and plan to attend mass at this very famous Cathedral of Barcelona.” -4/E Henry A. Busque

‘‘Hollywood California, USA. This place is so famous! I mean this is the home of The U.S. Film Industry and this is where some of the famous stars live. We had a little tour around there, we visited the “Walk of Fame”, “Hollywood Sign”, Universal Studios, etc. After that we went to Lakewood to buy more souvenirs and chocolates. It was really fun! Someday I will bring my whole family there! Soon.” – OIC-NW Jade Dalogdog

“I was able to visit the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain last January. Being onboard allows me to go to different places around the world but seeing this big church in Barcelona was the icing on the cake! I was raised by a devout Catholic mother and value the faith which I learned to embrace as I was growing up. It’s something that I will treasure and share with my kids. I hope to revisit the blessed place with my family someday.” – 2/O Nestor D. Amasol

“I am Motorman Richard Tavarro of the M/T Hafnia Henriette which docked in one of the famous cities in the world, Amsterdam.  I spent a whole day with my 3rd Engineer Armsly Diamante Jr. and 4th Engineer Roz Polaris Abarico in this beautiful city. As a way of destressing and unwinding from work onboard, we toured around the whole city and visited beautiful museums. It was also our way of celebrating a zero deficiency result during our vetting inspection. It put wonderful smiles on our faces and as we got back onboard, we brought back the city’s good vibes to the rest of the crew.” -MTM Motorman Richard Tavarro

“Strolling in Amsterdam! Some would call it a dream; some would call it a plan. But for us sailors, it’s a perk, an opportunity where work, travel and leisure are possible all at once. We really had so much fun in Amsterdam. From seeing the great views of the city – the beautiful canals and the thousands of bikes along the streets. The great architectural structures, down to strolling the busy streets, mingling with the locals and enjoying the local cuisine with the colleagues. A memorable and great visit to a perfect city indeed.” -3/O Villabrille Lester Giducos

“The city of Rembrandt, Anne Frank, the red-light district, Tulips, Windmills; a world of fascinating stories, spellbinding art and architecture that has stood the test of time, – this is Amsterdam, one of the most memorable places I visited during my travels. It was around the last week of April and fortunately it was also the time of year the Dutch celebrate their Queen’s Day. There are puppet shows, kids and adults performing musical arts, and street entertainers all over the city. Also, the flower I love, tulips, are everywhere. It is indeed a breathtaking experience. I wish to be there again with my family.” -OIC-NW Janine Elican

So, as you can see from our sailor’s experiences there are many good times to be had during shore visits. They say that travel broadens the mind and it certainly seems to be true in the experiences of our seafarers above. We wish all our sea staff save travels and many more pleasant shore visits.