Seafarers in the 21st Century

Seafarers in the 21st Century

By Hanus Mikkelsen, Chief Marine HR Officer, Thome Group


Millennials, defined as people born during the latter 20 years of last century, is the generation now joining the workforce. Like every other generation, millennials display unique traits that makes them different from their predecessors.

The millennials have come of the age when the entire world is going through a huge transformation – technological, economical or cultural. Consequently, they are entering working life with a different set of experiences and beliefs, compared to the previous generation.

The seafaring industry, being one of the oldest known professions in the history of mankind and a very traditionally driven industry, is not untouched by the entry of these great millennials.

Capture 279x300Millennials are probably the most studied generation and many of these studies point at them as being the “selfie generation” and all that that entails. However, if you dig a bit deeper into these studies, any negatives are by far outweighed by the positives, and just to mention a few, the millennials are also known for being one of the most educated, technologically savvy, entrepreneurial, flexible, authentic, diverse, transparent, compassionate, adventurous, progressive, confident, practical, result and team orientated, generations of our time.

The millennials who are currently already in or joining the workforce in the future are going to be paired with Generation X and the Baby Boomers, which brings together groups with different sets of values and experiences.

In Thome, we embrace all generations and believe that the generations complement each other greatly, hence it is up to the employer to ensure that the working environment is generation neutral. We are aware that this is a challenging task and a challenge we happily take on.

Our Core Values – ExCITES reflects our commitment to this endeavor, in particular the value of TEAMWORK and INTEGRITY. These two values drive our teams ashore and onboard to work towards a work environment which nurtures and supports individuals of any generation to deliver their best.