Seafarers’ Art Contest

Seafarers’ Art Contest

By Nor Aslinda, HSSEQ Compliance Executive

Art Collage

In view of the World Environment Day in June, the Thome Group celebrated its annual Environment Day on 10th June 2019.

Environment Day was celebrated world-wide and it is our endeavour to ensure that we contribute by raising awareness on board regarding environment related topics and our responsibilities towards compliance.
One of the activities organised for all vessels to participate in was a “Recycled Art Competition”. Seafarers were tasked to create an artwork representing the theme “Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution” using recycled materials.

Congratulations below to the top 3 vessel winners and their artworks:


Art1 Revised

1st Winner: Alcyone T
This Vessel represent to Our Earth… Our Home.
At the aft part of this Vessel, this threatened by various forms of pollution such as air pollution from vehicle-emissions and factory fumes. there is also water pollution caused by garbage, oil and sewage… There are also droughts, forest burning for clearing new land, and illegal logging which without doubt disrupts and damages the habitats of forest wildlife. Therefore, we must begin to participate in overcoming global warming. We must Move Forward! In forward part of this vessel, it tells to love our Environment, plant trees, dispose of garbage in the right place and turn non- biodegradable waste into something useful. All we do is for a future that is better, greener, and more comfortable for all living things on the Earth.



2nd Winner: Gas Cauayan
High sulphur emissions from ships are one of the contributing factors of air pollution globally.
The result of this kind of pollution is known as Global Warming which mainly affects all living creatures especially the life at sea. With the ozone layer depleting, climate change arises that causes such as change in water temperature at sea. Fish kill is one of the effects of this change in temperature at sea.

As IMO starts to develop the MOC 2020 Sulphur Compliance
SIP, which implements all vessels to be
fuel compliant with sulphur content of below 0.5% starting 2020, this solution highly benefits our mother nature with reducing and beating air pollution.

Art2 Revised

3rd Winner: Fengning
How can a child grow in a world of pollution? This is a question which we always ask yet undeniably blind of the real situations or wrong doings. Basically, we should always know that we, people, must be the park rangers of the humanity. New generation will not exist if we will continue to ignore CHANGE. If that’s the case, we will always be part of the pollution not the solution. Massive change is needed to tremendously prepare the world for the new generations. Let the children see what they deserve to see and experience and provide them an environment that is healthy and safe, ensuring a better world, a better place and a better home to live in.


3rd Winner: Mariann
As drawing is based on pollution, our point was to show how todays industries are affecting our planet. We can see our planet crying while its looking at pictures from a memory box, reminding itself how it used to be before.

The illustration shows modern industries and technologies increasingly suffocating our planet throughout the last 100 years.