Safety is Critical to Operations

Safety is Critical to Operations

By Claes Eek Thorstensen, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Thome Group


Safety Is Critical To OperationsSafe and reliable operation is what we focus on as a Company. It is business critical and we want to ensure that every employee onboard and ashore are safe at all times.

In shipping, safety must be the priority before any task is performed, especially when working at sea. Weather conditions at sea change rapidly so crew must be vigilant and prepared to ensure that before any task is performed a proper risk assessment is carried out and necessary procedures applied to help reduce possible injuries or accidents.

It is important that we look at our fleet as a whole and measure, analyse and improve our performance by tracking our most common incidents and identify ways in which they can be prevented from reoccurring. In this edition, the articles are focused on safety and analysis of the 5 top accidents occurring on the fleet. We cover the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and why it is important to comply to these guidelines.

In order to strengthen the focus and to get a consistent safety standard onboard the fleet, Thome is implementing a new dimension by setting up a team of Safety Coaches. This team will develop procedures, implement, perform training and track KPIs. We will also outline Thome’s safety drives and initiatives for 2019 to help us focus as a company on key aspects of safety to help minimise incidents. I encourage everyone to support these initiatives and to share your experiences with your colleagues, so our performance is further improved.

Safety in the office is also paramount and should not be overlooked. Office staff must not be complacent and must always adhere to our safety policies in the workplace. Read the safety article in this issue and find out how we can further promote a safer office environment. Most critical being when boarding a vessel or installation.

Let’s all work together and strive for zero accidents and incidents in the office and at sea.