Safety Coaches – A New Dimension

Safety Coaches – A New Dimension

By Ashish Malik, Vice President, Head of Marine and Safety


Safety Coaches

As part of a new initiative from the Thome Group to better the safety culture and reinforce safety awareness across Thome’s managed fleet, the Marine and Safety department will enlist the help of Safety Coaches.

The Safety Coaches will sail onboard our full managed vessels to promote and spread the knowledge on safety requirements, systems and procedures among ship staff. They will help identify any hazardous conditions and/or work practices and assist in mitigating them together with the crew onboard. While we have taken quite a few initiatives to reduce personal injuries, work still needs to be done in this area. Our Safety Coaches will focus on improving the safety culture on board, guiding and assisting our seafarers during their daily operations.

While onboard, during normal operations, the Safety Coaches will be able to identify the gaps in our fleet’s safety awareness as well as better implement our SMS onboard. In addition to the above, they will be able to observe the gaps in the current Safety Management System (SMS) or highlight the challenges in implementing the SMS onboard so it can be revised and made more robust and relevant.

On-board training will form an important part of the profile of the Safety Coaches. They will conduct training sessions on board, complementing the competence and training that has been received by our seafarers, when ashore. Training on items like personal protective equipment (PPE), and knowledge gained from incidents and near misses will also be included.

Safety is part of our core values so let’s make sure we live up to it.