Progressing towards a sustainable safety culture – The new Marine and Safety Department

Progressing towards a sustainable safety culture – The new Marine and Safety Department

By Ashish Malik, Vice President, Head of Marine and Safety

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“Safety is a journey not a destination!”

Safety is at the core of the Thome Group’s business with “Safe and Reliable Operation” being a focus across the entire fleet. We have an obligation to bring everyone home safely and carefully manage the assets we are entrusted with. With this collective responsibility upon us, we as a group are in constant pursuit of building a safety culture onboard and ashore.

Our attitude and behaviour shapes Thome’s safety culture. As our operations get more and more complex there is a growing need to consolidate the way we work to improve safety across the organization.

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To help our efforts to build a sustainable safety culture, a new ‘Marine and Safety’ department has been formed. This department will be responsible for the governance and monitoring of marine and safety activities across the Group. The department will focus on building a strong and sustainable safety culture to achieve marine and safety excellence across the Group by driving innovations in safety measurement, coaching and training. It will also be responsible for supporting the organization in taking the next step in building an improved safety culture across our operations.

Policies and procedures are just words—if they’re not followed, they don’t keep people safe. We believe it takes personnel with the right attitude to turn safety procedures into real safety. This new department will work on new and better ways to improve our safety culture and to support the vessels in the never-ending quest towards zero incidents.

We look forward to all of us (ashore and onboard) working together towards achieving safety excellence.

Safe sailings!