Overview: Crewing and Strategic Marine HR

Overview: Crewing and Strategic Marine HR

By Claes Eek Thorstensen, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Thome Group


Quality ship management is about being able to support the vessels and the crew onboard in the best possible manner. The crew onboard are our valued asset and we have built an extensive crew support system to manage this resource.

It is the combined effort of our Marine HR and Crewing Operations teams ashore, working closely with our seafarers at sea which allow Thome to maintain our reputation as a leading ship manager in the world.

Managing our fleet of over 400 vessels effectively requires a substantial pool of seafarers and we are proud that we have built a strong pool of officers and crew as well as a growing pipeline of cadets to meet the operational requirements of Thome Group. At the same time, recognizing the need to grow and still cater to natural attrition and promotion of our seafarers, the Group is constantly looking at different initiatives and innovative ways to attract qualified seafarers to join the family.

Supporting our seafarers from the shore side is our Marine HR and Crewing teams who work closely together with our global network of inhouse manning offices and external manning agencies to ensure that our seafarers are engaged and taken care of. Different issues which are close to the hearts of our seafarers are addressed and managed by our shore teams so that our seafarers can focus on their responsibilities and tasks when onboard.

In addition to the crew onboard our full-technically managed vessels, we also have a separate pool of seafarers for our crew management and crew agency businesses and a different team ashore to manage this pool.

Our seafarers are an integral part of the business and are one of the main reasons why we can succeed in our business and we want to recognize them for their loyal service to the Group.

We have included numerous articles in this edition of TGN which provide more details and insight into our crew pools, global recruitment initiatives, manning offices, and staff ashore and at sea and hope that these articles will provide a good overview on our seafarer pool and the Marine HR division.