Office Safety – Steps to a Safer Office

Office Safety – Steps to a Safer Office

By Ms. Ðeni Jukic Miljak,  Admin Executive, Thome Croatia d.o.o.

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A safe work environment is essential for the wellbeing of employees. Being aware of hazards in the workplace and learning office safety tips goes a long way toward preventing accidents.

The Thome Group endeavors to achieve health and safety excellence in all aspects of its business and we are committed to zero accidents in the workplace. No task is so important that it should be allowed to compromise health and safety.

There are several areas that are constantly under the magnifying glass related to a safer office environment. Slips and falls are the most frequent cause of injuries in the workplace, and people working in an office are twice as likely to be injured by falling than those working in other types of businesses.

One of the biggest factors in this type of injury is where workers use unsafe ways to reach objects in high places. Employees who need to access objects on high shelves or in tall cabinets should use step ladders. Desks, tables, and other types of furniture are unsuitable substitutes for ladders.

Another contributor to trips and falls is the clutter that can be found next to desks, in hallways, and anywhere else that seems to be “out of the way.” A worker who is focused on a task may not look down and notice the hazard in time to prevent a fall.

Filing cabinets and desk drawers that are left open are also potential hazards that may injure unsuspecting workers. Simple solutions like refraining from reading documents while walking will help minimize the risk of tripping up to nearly zero.

Employees are encouraged to report incidents and near misses to management.

Keeping alert, thinking ahead, using basic common sense in our daily behavior around the office will help minimize risks. The safest workplaces are those in which every single employee knows about office safety.