NAU’s New Module Helps with Waste Management and Garbage Monitoring

NAU’s New Module Helps with Waste Management and Garbage Monitoring

By Pavan Aga, Compliance Auditor, Environmental Compliance Department


In a drive to reduce, control and monitor the waste generation on-board, the fleet performance monitoring software (NAU) has a new module – Waste Management for bilge / sludge and Garbage monitoring.

It is a comprehensive and crucial tool to monitor and control waste (oil and bilge) generation and disposal onboard the ships. The vessel is required to update this module daily at noon.

This module allows us to monitor the IOPP section 3.1 and 3.3 tanks, their daily ROBs and disposal activities carried out each day. The system gathers the data and presents the trends of the generation and disposals of the waste oils and bilge water on a day to day basis at a glance.

The system has been designed to alert the users to the potential concerns towards the low efficiency of incinerators and OWS, by measuring their output against the optimal capacities.

We can monitor the day to day and monthly sludge and bilge build ups, as well as the percentage ratio of the fuel consumed versus the sludge generated.

The IOPP tanks are colour coded where the quantity retained in each tank is shown by a coloured band, which allows the vessel manager to see at a glance if there has been any sudden increase or decrease in quantities.

Transfer from bilge wells is documented for better tracking of bilge collections in the bilge wells.

A leakage log/remarks column allows vessels to justify any excessive change in quantities due to leaks or any other remarks for clarifications.

The system alerts the vessel managers of any potential issues related to the fuel in use, machinery leakages and equipment capability of handling the disposals and notifies the management and environment compliance team of any discrepancies.

The data can even be exported to excel, so, all-in-all, the new NAU system is a good tool to keep a close watch on the waste generation and to address any concerns in a timely manner.

The garbage monitoring section of the fleet performance monitoring software caters to MARPOL Annex V part I and II, for the recording of all the categories specified as per the MARPOL regulations for sea and shore disposal and incineration as per the MARPOL and company’s policies.