Marine Payroll: Delivering Global Payroll Services for Seafarers

Marine Payroll: Delivering Global Payroll Services for Seafarers

By Amelia Doblon, Marine Payroll Assistant Manager, Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd – ROHQ


Marine Payroll is a global payroll service responsible for crew wage calculation, on time payment of crew salaries and posting the monthly wage expenses of each vessel based on the approved wage scales. The marine payroll team is located in ROHQ Manila, under the marine HR division, headed by the Chief Marine HR officer.

We provide marine payroll services to around 230 vessels with more than 5,500 crew of various nationalities. Our team works closely with the ships’ Master, Crewing Operations, Learning and Development, Vessel Accounts, manning agents and other stakeholders to achieve the highest standard of services and ensure that our seafarers are paid accurately and on time. Marine payroll has also taken the responsibilty of creating annual wage scales from 2018 onwards.

In 2017, we standardized and simplified the crew payment process for Filipino and Nigerian seafarers. It includes auto-creation of MPOs for the balance of monthly wages in the system.

Currently, marine payroll is working on a project along with operational excellence and strategic marine HR on simplification and enhancement of various marine payroll processes. Process mapping was completed and challenges and opportunities were identified to ensure that procedures were beneficial not only for our team but for our seafarers and stakeholders as well.

The above project will also focus on the automation of payslips and wage summary transmissions from the system and full utilization of other features available in the crewing application COMPAS.

We, at marine payroll, are fully aware of the importance of the accurate and timely remittance of wages of our seafarers as this will have a huge impact on the life of our seafarers and their families.

As our Core Value stipulates “We understand our customers and proactively meet their needs”. Seafarers are our customers and every member of the marine payroll team is committed and shall continue to strive to provide a high-class service to fulfil our customers’ needs.