Marine HR Offices Network

Marine HR Offices Network


By Arun Mehta, COO, Thome Shipping India Private Limited

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Thome India today forms an integral part of the Group’s Marine HR Office Network along with the other regional offices in Zadar and Manila. With over 700 active seafarers and rising recruitment numbers out of India, Thome India is playing a key role in supporting the Group’s quest for quality manpower.

Despite just a few years of direct presence in India, Thome is bringing a fresh perspective to what is commonly perceived as a manpower market saturated with ship management companies. Our value-based approach is being well recognized by the Indian seafarer and is reflected in the constant growth we are achieving. Equally, the cooperative mandate from the Head Office in Singapore and the collaborative approach between the teams in Singapore and India has been the key in facilitating this.

This is also reflected in our Principles’ trust in the value advantages of engaging Indian seafarers, not just based on the salary-based competitiveness which wanes each year as greater parity is achieved.

Last and importantly, I would like to applaud the team at Thome India for their dedication to propagating Thome’s values and professionalism.


By Artemio V. Serafico President / General Manager,

MST Marine Services (Phils.), Inc.

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MST Marine Services (Phils.), Inc. is considered as Thome Ship Management’s Marine HR Office in the Philippines.

MST can boast of its sourcing ability in the Philippines, despite its archipelagic structure consisting of 7,000 islands. Being divided by islands and bodies of water, the Philippine Hub has not only made its presence known in the capital Manila in the Luzon region but also in the key cities of the other 2 major regions which are Cebu and Iloilo in the Visayas and Davao in Mindanao.

These offices have brought us closer to our seafarers, no longer requiring them to travel frequently to Manila, allowing them to spend more time with their families during their breaks.

As part of our reaching out activities, MST Marine regularly visits known venues such as seamans’ boarding houses, seamans’ review and training centers.

We have also taken steps to capitalize on the growth of social media by doing facebook posts and facebook live streaming through our dedicated MST Website.

MST is also active in commercial radio and appears on television programs.

By Saw Mu Ler Operations Manager, Thome Shipping (Myanmar) Limited

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The Inauguration of Thome Shipping (Myanmar) Limited was held in 2014. Thome Group’s Chairman Mr. Olav Eek

Thorstensen and President & CCO Mr. Claes Eek Thorstensen gave inaugural speeches.

Thome Myanmar is now a well-established and reputed company in the Myanmar Maritime industry. Thome’s Myanmar office is located in the centre of Yangon. Thome Myanmar is part of the Thome Group’s Strategic Marine HR in Myanmar and currently operates with two staff members. The company recruits and boards officers and crew for LPG/LNG Tankers,

Oil/Chemical Tankers, Bulk Carriers, container vessels and Offshore vessels.

We sincerely express our thanks to all officials from the Thome head office in Singapore, officials and Training Managers from India, the Philippines and Croatia for their kind and continual support to Thome Myanmar throughout all these years.

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By Cruz Wang, Fleet Personnel Dept., Sinocrew Maritime Services Co., Ltd

Thome China is a joint venture partnership between the Thome Group and Sinocrew Marine Services in Shanghai and was formed back in 2005. As an important strategy of Thome Group’s global talent development program, Thome China has been strongly focusing on the quality and sustainability of recruitment, training, and employment of Chinese officers through an in-house Chinese cadet scheme.

At present, we successfully manage a pool of 470 Chinese seafarers for all types of tankers, bulk carriers, and container vessels. Most of the Senior Officers are ex-Thome cadets and have served the Company for over 10 years. Two years ago, Thome China started to provide more value added services, including ship agency services, in Chinese ports.


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By Markus Syah Hendra, Marine HR Manager., Indonesia Thome Ship Management Pt Timur Ship Management

PT Timur Ship Management, was established in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2010. It was a dedicated office which offered crewing and management services to owners operating in Indonesia.

The technical management office was operated by highly experienced shipping professionals catering to Indonesian-owned trading vessels for both domestic and international trade.

Since 2017 PT. Timur has been focusing mainly on the Marine HR management business. .

We serve the Thome Group’s vessels and also other clients such as Hoegh LNG, etc.

We provide a wide variety of crew experienced in running vessels from survey ships to MOPU and FSO in the offshore industry, LPG to LNG and FSRU crew on Gas Tankers, also other merchant ships not only in Indonesia waters, but also for foreign going vessels.

The team consists of a total of four Marine HR Executives, plus one manager and one operational staff member, who does the recruitment, placement, training and crewing management tasks.

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By Denis Procenko, Marine HR Manager, Thome Croatia d.o.o.

The Thome Croatia MH Team was established in Zadar in 2010.

The main scope of the department is to provide in-house wide range of manning services related, but not limited to, recruitment of the sea staff, training arrangements, pre-joining preparation, logistical matters, and e.t.c. Since the beginning, the department is still growing having the constant increment of the pool of the seafarers as well, which now includes more than 600 seafarers for all types of tankers and off-shore fleet. Most of them are Senior Officers which are coming from 31 countries as Team is responsible of coverage of EU and FSU regions.