Learning & Development: Goals for 2020

Learning & Development: Goals for 2020

By Sunil Parashar, Senior Learning & Development Manager

012 Learning And Development Goals Thome Ship Management

The Learning & Development department supports the various divisions across the Thome Group. Every year, the department aligns with the various divisions in deciding its goals and additionally focuses on the development of seagoing staff to provide them with the appropriate skill sets to carry out their roles.

An area which is currently in the spotlight is the mental wellness of the seagoing staff. This is an aspect which has not received sufficient attention for various reasons, but given the continuous evolution of the industry, it can no longer be taken lightly. The L&D team in 2020 will be piloting a Mental Wellness program on a sample group in the fleet to assess its suitability.

With the changes in the industry, an area which has come into focus again is the waste management process on board. The L&D team will be working with the operations team to provide the required support in driving home the waste management practices required to comply with the new regulations. Analyzing the various trends in the fleet, a back to basics approach has been identified. More and more incidents show the root cause is a lack of confidence in applying basic skills. L&D has started a drive to address this at the lowest skill level in all areas of on-board operations. In 2020, this will continue with the focus on navigation and management skills.

With an overall aim to encourage on-the-job learning and the application of the 70-20-10 methodology, the L&D team will be exploring various options for formal systems which will enable this. This approach not only encourages individuals to take responsibility for their learning, but also enables experienced staff to share and pass on their experiences to the next generation. A combination of on-the-job learning and classroom learning provides a self-paced holistic learning model for enhancing individual skills.

Lastly in 2019, we initiated a review of the safety culture. Thisyear we will be setting up programs to address the findings of the review. This will be an organization-wide multi-year program being driven by the L&D team and may include a review of process/procedures, and new training programs to enhance the safety of operations in the fleet.