Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

By Anna Marie Soliman, Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager,                                                  Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd – ROHQ

Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open

During the current crisis it is critical for an organization to come up with regular communications for its employees to reinforce its commitment and communicate and share insights on how it can support them. People at all levels are impacted by the current situation and we have all changed the way we work, the way we live and how we interact both professionally and socially. To effectively deal with the impact, Thome needs to adapt and ensure it has an effective and robust communications plan in place.

The Thome Group came up with relevant communications for its employees to keep them up to date on the current situation and increase their engagement and involvement, despite having to work from home. We reinforced the importance of keeping one’s physical and mental health in check and provided tips on how to overcome stress and anxiety during isolation and quarantine.

Other information campaigns included increasing productivity during COVID 19 and managing one’s team during remote arrangements. We also launched a series of competitions for office staff with cash prizes. The competitions’ objectives are to increase engagement, highlight work/life balance and add a bit of fun and enjoyment.

Regular promotions and competitions are in the pipeline and we will continue to provide updated, fact-checked information about COVID-19. We are also utilizing all our communications platforms to ensure all information is relayed on time to our staff and external connections.

We also launched a seafarers’ competition in May, encouraging Thome’s seafarers to submit their artwork entries with the theme “Art in the time of Corona” – the art contest is meant to increase engagement among our seafarers, ease the anxiety and stress onboard and also showcase their talent to the public. They can win cash prizes for individual and team competitions which they can put towards the vessel fund.

Other campaigns were also launched to highlight and focus on a COVID 19 information drive advising various preventive measures to practiced onboard. Daily communication with the vessels is also being carried out by our Marine HR Team and Crewing Department for any issues or challenges that may arise during this period.

Clear, simple and effective workplace communications during the current COVID 19 is what’s needed in this challenging time. We can achieve excellent communication with our staff and clients and partners through teamwork, continuous collaboration and by using the appropriate tools available. Empathy and conveying kind and thoughtful messages in our communications can also help in easing the challenges both mentally and emotionally brought about by this global pandemic.