Introduction to the Crewing Operation: Tanker and Bulk

Introduction to the Crewing Operation: Tanker and Bulk

By Sushil Kumar Parakel, Head of Crewing Operations, Bulk Division
and Morten Maasoe, Head of Tanker Operations, Tanker Division

Bu 1024x683The safe and reliable operation of a modern vessel is determined by the quality of the relationships between its sea-staff and shore side support personnel.

In the Tanker and Bulker divisions, the Crewing Operation Teams (COTs), act as the bridge between the seafarers and other stakeholders in order to manage and improve our working relationships.

Our seafarers are the backbone of the Company, and the COTs take initiatives and make every effort to make sure our seafarers feel part of the Thome Family.

Ta 600x400The Crewing Operation Teams also frequently interact with the seafarer’s family members and keep them updated on our seafarer’s wellbeing. This includes asking if they are in need of any assistance and ensuring all is well at home.

Most of our managed vessels operating costs consist of 70% being part of the crewing budget. It’s the responsibility of the COTs to ensure that all crew related expenses are managed within the agreed Opex, by conducting advanced planning and crew changes in the most cost effective and convenient ports, thereby minimizing the cost to owners.

When doing forward looking planning, COTs need to fulfil the family commitments of the crew onboard and also the family commitment of crew planned to relieve those crew members.

Capture 300x292Figure 1, provides a glimpse of how the Crewing Operation Teams coordinate and interacts with different stakeholders, to ensure the crewing operational requirements of the vessel is being met.

In view of our vessels continuous and worldwide trading patterns, The Tanker and Bulker Teams need to be available 24/7, to attend to crew related matters. This, at times, can be challenging and needs frequent communication and interaction with other parties to make it successful.

Each Crewing Operation Executive, along with their Team Leader, handles approximately 8-10 vessels each.

The Team Leaders provide the Crewing Executives with guidance and support, and assists them with other operational challenges that may arise.

Tanker and Bulker Operations team members are stationed in multiple regions; Singapore, ROHQ Manila, Mumbai, India, and Zadar, Croatia. Together they handle a total of 140-Tankers (Chemical, Oil, and Gas) and 70-Bulk / Container vessels between them, managing multinational crews to meet all our principal’s crewing requirements, while adhering to the Thome Group’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.