Introducing Thome’s Global IT Department

Introducing Thome’s Global IT Department

By Foo Say Toon, Vice President, IT


It Department Resized


With the introduction of IBM’s Personal Computer (ubiquitously known as PC) in the 80s, the computer market for business grew in popularity and became inexpensive.

Hence, the journey of our Thome IT department started back in the 90s. For the past 20 years, it has grown from just one person to a team of 30 split into three teams which look after Infrastructure, Vessel/Office support and Applications.

On April 2020, I joined Thome Group as Vice President, IT. Prior to this, I was the global Head of Infrastructure and Applications with Razer and APL Logistics where I had an extensive influence in the firm’s success, and played a crucial role in achieving significant cost savings.

I have more than 18 years of experience in the logistics industry where I led and managedthe global infrastructure, application, and field IT support teams of 120 people. I also managed global strategic directions and delivered major business capabilities driven through Application development mainly for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Transport Management (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Infrastructure architecture initiatives.

Last month, the IT department went through an organizational restructuring. Staff are now formed into 4 key teams namely Infrastructure, Vessel/Office IT, Application

(Core System) and Application (Business System) teams.

The key objectives are to:

  • Focus on building competency within the team
  • Improve the rapport with end users and customers for IT project delivery
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness with delegate leadership and ownership
  • Strengthen Teamwork and collaboration

With the technology progression, it has been prolifically used to drive productivity, reduce redundancy and streamline operations.

The following are some for the upcoming IT projects leveraging on industry trends:

  • Fleet Management System (FMS) Project
  • Learning and Development (L&D) Project
  • Agency Hub Portal
  • Owner Portal
  • TMC Portal
  • IT service management (ITSM)
  • Compas Enhancement

The IT department is seeking the support of all departments and looks forward to working together with all of you to deliver innovative and quality solutions to advance the Thome Group.