Introducing the HR and Admin Departments

Introducing the HR and Admin Departments

By HR and Admin Departmment


Introducing The Hr And Admin Departments

Simon Frank joined the Thome Group as Chief HR Officer on 10 March 2020. He will be in charge of the newly combined Human Resource Department and Strategic HR Marine Department, previously led by Eleana Choy and Hanus Mikkelsen.

Simon has more than 20 years experience in crewing operations.  Previously he was Managing Director, Crewing Operations East, for the V Group and has an extensive experience dealing with ship managers and ship owners.

The HR department’s role is to implement effective HR processes, practices and policies to attract, develop and retain talent, to support the Group’s growth strategies.

  • Some project highlights from the HR department during the past year include:
  • Implementation of job grading so that jobs are aligned across different divisions to support career development and retention
  • Development of competency framework to help with succession planning and career advancement
  • Setting up of WeConnect committee to plan employee engagement activities and welcoming new joiners \The Admin department provides a very important admin support role and oversees the entire Group’s administration requirements.

Duties include office management and maintenance, lease management, storage management, mail management, mobile phones management, travel management etc. It also implements and improves admin policies and procedures to enhance company productivity and efficiency both onboard and ashore.

The Admin department’s  key projects during the year included:

  • Office renovation including space management
  • Corporate travel & mobile phones
  • Company events
  • Cost cutting drive

Looking to the future, one of the main highlights for the HR department will be the implementation of its Learning Management System (LMS) to provide a centralized source of learning and ease of tracking and reporting.

While on the Admin side, key projects will include:

  • Strategizing office space/working environment amid covid19
  • Enhanced safety measures when office resumes operation
  • Cost cutting drive

These two departments are fundamental in helping the Group to drive forward and ensure that it can meet the challenges of the future by having streamlined administrative processes in place combined with a skilled and motivated workforce.