India Officer Conference – a Success!

India Officer Conference – a Success!

By Andrea Lyn Ponce, Training Officer,
Learning & Development, Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd – ROHQ

Thome Group Tgn India Conference 2019 Optimized


Continuing with the theme of “Partnering for Success” we have recently concluded the Thome Conference in India, 8th – 9th May, 2019. The 47 officers from India, Myanmar & Sri Lanka along with the representatives from Thome Singapore and India, enjoyed the hospitality and great execution of Thome India at The Grand Hotel, New Delhi.

The two days’ conference was chaired by Thome’s COO for Tanker Division, Steen Nygaard Madsen who shared some updates regarding our commercial challenges and with the emphasis on new regulations that may have an impact on the industry.

The other topics covered were “Setting Expectations and Master – Pilot Relationships” by one of the external speakers Siddhart Kumar of Green Jakobsen.

Mental wellness was discussed by Naomi Rewari, also external speaker, which our seafarers found very interesting. This kind of training can help them to gain a better understanding of how mental health disorders can affect their well-being and performance onboard as well as at home.

Seafarers were divided into three smaller groups. Having smaller groups makes everyone at ease in sharing their insights and opinions regarding the topics covered. Topics included as follows: Navigation, Safety, Port State Control, Engineering, Environmental Compliance and the 70-20-10 training principle.

Adding an element of gamification which had been introduced during the Manila Conference, worked well and we found attendees more engaged with the activities led by our own employees. The fun exercises help to lighten the general mood of our seafarers helping them get more involved while enjoying the workshop at the same time.

The event ended with fun filled learning. Our congratulations to all officers and crew for their whole-hearted participation at the conference. And for the Thome India for a successful execution.