Evolution in Learning & Development: Today to Tomorrow

Evolution in Learning & Development: Today to Tomorrow

By Sunil Parashar, Senior L&D Manager

Evolution In Learning Development Today To Tomorrow

As the world around us evolves, our needs and resources required to meet these needs also evolve. Along with this, the methodologies of learning have also expanded. This evolution of learning methodologies in the learning and development landscape needs to cater not just for the present, but must continuously progress to the future.

Managing of employees’ learning and development encompasses a wide range of activities – from identifying the training needs, identifying resources, delivery of the content, to storing and retrieving of the records relating to their development.

All these activities are impacted by the evolution around us.

A few decades ago, learning activities were all focused on spending a lot of time in training rooms, followed by tons of reading material to go through and retain. Records were maintained in big filing cabinets and referenced using detailed indexing systems. Most of the trainings were conducted on site, with specialist in-house trainers. In the past few years with the advancement in IT resources and the development of the internet, learning has migrated to utilizing a mix of resources based in the classroom. For example, using equipment or IT resources or even self-learning using online resources.

Today, we are at a point where the technological evolution has been progressing , which has provided unlimited resources to make learning engaging and beyond comparison of what has been possible to date. The 2020 pandemic has been a testbed for a lot of learning avenues, which had accelerated the evolution in this area.

Learning is moving from the classroom to an individual’s mobile device, making it available anywhere, anytime.

The content is not limited to just theory, but also practical engagement using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies which are available in the hands of the learner and not limited to specially equipped training rooms.

Training content is being modified to be made available in bite size (microlearning) segments as compared to the reams of information being shared previously. The availability of training content is not limited to training schedules but being made available when the learner needs it (Just in Time Learning). A wide range of Learning Management Systems (LMS) are available in the market which pass the control of learning to the individual. Records are easily stored in LMS systems in digital formats which not only provide easy access across organizations globally but can also provide certifiable authentication (blockchain).

And this is just the beginning of a new era.

At Thome, we have set ourselves up to adapt our organization to this continual evolution. The recent setup of our latest LMS system, a new state-of- the-art navigation simulator and our investment in remote simulation training technologies, along with trying out new training methods for our staff – both sea-based and shore based- showcases our commitment. We are exploring new avenues in the learning and development space with global specialists to ensure we are at the forefront and ready.

This is our commitment to Excellence.