Engineer by Profession, Artist by Heart

Engineer by Profession, Artist by Heart

By Ian Jomolo, Junior Engineer

Engineer By Profession Resized

I started doing my craft at a young age. When I was in high school, I joined a special art class where I honed and mastered my own art style by entering contests, which I continued later on in college. As an amateur artist, I dreamt of being included in a list of the greatest names in art someday. I believe that dreaming is a foundation of an ambition but making it work takes a gram of sacrifice, a pound of patience, and tons of attitude.

Kudos to Thome for giving its seafarers a chance to showcase their talents. They know and believe that each of us has our own and unique hidden ability that is just waiting to be discovered and nourished.

My mentor once said, “An  artist is nothing without the gift and the gift is nothing without the work. And the work is nothing without an inspiration.”

“The Puzzle Mansion” in Tagaytay City, Philippines, which houses the largest puzzle collection in the world by a single person, is the inspiration I chose in the artwork I submitted for the contest. I thought that due to COVID-19, the world had come to a halt.

In my painting, I wanted to emphasize that by helping each other, we will bring back the free movement in our surroundings. We will be free again to see the extraordinary places, not only in the Philippines, but also around the world.

This is not a single person’s battle against the virus but humanity’s war of self-discipline and care for others. Let us put together the puzzle to see our beautiful world again. Be a responsible citizen and be safe.

“An artist is nothing without the gift and the gift is nothing without the work”, Artist Mentor.

I am a seafarer by profession, an engineer and an artist by heart.

We cannot turn art into life, but we can always turn our life into an art.

I would like to encourage and invite my fellow Thome seafarers to support the company’s initiative by joining in the activities and contests they have organised for us. This kind of activity brings camaraderie amongst seafarers and provides us the platform in showing our talents to the world.