Ebok Field – Celebrating One Year of Operation

Ebok Field – Celebrating One Year of Operation

By Capt. Lucian Feodorov / Capt. Rajesh Singh, TM FSO – Virini Prem, Sembiyan Duraikannu /
Joseph Chandran, OIM MOPU – Veer Prem & Nikesh Patil, Vessel Manager – TOG

Thome Group Tgn Ebokfield Optimized


It is our pleasure to share with our colleagues in Thome Group that we have been operating the EBOK field for a year. It is a marginal offshore oilfield off the Gulf of Guinea (in Nigeria territorial waters), consisting of a MOPU, FSO and a stand alone Platform (WFB).

It is an outstanding achievement for our Oil & Gas fleet, as this oilfield has a substantial operating potential and managing the EBOK field is the first step of the expansion plans of Thome Oil & Gas as it searcheses to develop in this part of the world.

I still remember my first trip to Nigeria, when I visited the EBOK field together with VM Nikesh Patil. We discovered a place of contrasting worlds: a productive asset located in a treacherous environment, a challenging oilfield in need of a helping hand and a demanding owner looking to find a reliable partner for a long-term relationship.

Our mission was to assess the oilfield and to advise our managers back in Singapore regarding the feasibility of managing this asset. Having in mind our experience of handling the Al Zaafarana, the oldest operational FPSO in the world, our recommendation was clear – yes, we can; we have the experience of managing similar assets, the support of a dedicated team of professionals and we are fully committed of meeting the EBOK field owner’s goals and expectations. One year later, on 22nd May 2019, we are celebrating the completion of the first year as the operators and managers of EBOK field.

It is not simple to review in a few words Thome’s first year achievements– we built-up an entirely new local operating branch from scratch; we assimilated a complement of almost 200 professionals (offshore and ashore) and trained them to become valuable Thome employees; we operated and maintained the oilfield facilities to the owner’s satisfaction and managed to offload more than 7 million barrels of crude oil since Thome took over.

Life onboard the EBOK is not easy, but is very rewarding – it is a constant challenge to meet the owner’s expectation, production targets and hectic commercial deadlines while operating in a highly safe environment. The first year of operating the EBOK field is one of many more to come – I am looking forward to contributing to making this oilfield one of the essential assets under Thome’s management. It is a long way to go, but we are committed to and heading in the right direction.

Thome Group Tgn Ebok Field Optimized