Drug and Alcohol Compliance

Drug and Alcohol Compliance

By Jamie Ramsamy, Head of Department, Quality Assurance

Thome Group Drug And Alcohol Optimized


The abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs during and after working hours can have a significant impact on health, safety and productivity amongst other things. In fact, OCIMF Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol states that drug and alcohol abuse “is one of the most significant social problems of our time.” This is due to the fact those impaired by drugs and alcohol present a substantial safety risk to themselves and others as it may negatively affect their mental and physical capability. As a result, this impaired state may lead to an increased risk of injury and accidents. It is for this reason, that it is vital an organisation develops a policy that serves to regulate the use of drugs and alcohol.

Thome Group’s Drug and Alcohol (D&A) policy is located in TGG 1.5 of the Thome Management System. The policy is based upon the following principles:

Personnel should not be in any way impaired from performing their scheduled duties and
Be able to respond to an emergency to the best of their abilities using their best capabilities and unobstructed judgement.

The Thome Group exercises a strict zero tolerance towards the abuse of alcohol and use of un-prescribed drugs or controlled substances; ashore and onboard vessels. Violation of this policy may lead to immediate dismissal and/or legal actions. It is therefore important that policy is unambiguous and clearly communicated to the workforce. To aid in this, TGP 1.2.1 A1 FAQ on Drug and Alcohol Policy was introduced on 2018-09-20 to address and clarify any queries related to the Company’s policy. The FAQ covers testing frequency, documentation such as the “Letter of Undertaking” prior joining a vessel, declaration of medicines and drugs and restrictions on consumption. It must be noted that all violations will be reported to the DPA.
We are committed to safety and by complying with our drug and alcohol policy, we will continue to provide assurance to our customers and stakeholders.