Digital Transformation During COVID-19

Digital Transformation During COVID-19

By Foo Say Toon, Vice President, IT Department

Digital Resize


One of the most positive aspects as many countries gradually emerge from their respective lockdowns, is that organizations are embracing the digital transformation and expect it to play an increasing role in their business models in the future.

This can be categorised into 4 pillars of digital transformation:

  • Empowering Employees
  • Engaging Customers
  • Optimizing Processes
  • Transforming Products or Services

In Thome, for the past few months, apart from continuous technology leverage on the ubiquitous cloud computing, undisrupted vessel communication and reliable video conferencing; data and integration technologies, science and processes will be our next course of work.

  • A journey to provide data packaged solutions with a range of critical functions, such as profiling, analysis, standardization, cleansing, matching, enrichment, monitoring and
  • An approach where an organization is facing intensive pressure to integrate its enterprise’s application system to provide “trusted” data that can help business operations to run more efficiently, analytics for better insights making data driven business decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Contrary to popular belief, data and integration digital transformation is not just about technology but more about people. Technology can be bought and implemented really quickly but nurturing people’s ability to further adapt to the evolving digital future and closing the gap between talents’ supply and demand are time consuming and laborious.

With this in mind, we must do the following:

  • Focus on people first: Technology is always about doing more with less, but pairing technology with the right human skill set will generate effectiveness and productivity for the organization
  • Focus on soft skill: Dual focus on potential for soft skills and knowledge for hard skills to select people with high learnability and match their interests to in-demand
  • Drive change from the top: All business processes can be copied except for talent, do invest in top talent to get the most value

In the end, the focus of the direction has always been people- led and technology-supported. People are the key component to future proofing with complementary technology to unleash business insight or for remote working.