Creating an Intranet For The 21st Century

Creating an Intranet For The 21st Century

By Irene Teo, IT Operations Manager

Intranet Homepage

The new Thome intranet home page is a collaboration project between IT and Corporate Communications.

Corporate Communications conducted a survey in 2018 collecting staff feedback for an improved intranet home page. The new design was created taking into account the excellent contributions from staff with more images and colour as well as incorporating the Thome look and feel.

IT assisted and coordinated the project by working closely with Corporate Communications and the new home page was launched on 5th January 2019.

This new intranet home page is just the beginning and will be swiftly followed with an organization platform that will provide internal and external contents and news that will be available to all employees.

This platform will improve communication and coordination across the organization with e.g. breaking news, announcements and updates.

The new intranet home page gives a better browsing experience with more images, an interactive screen and contents page. Yammer, one of the standardized communication tools, is included for everyone to share and contribute their thoughts and idea. It also creates awareness and promotes a collaborative teamwork culture as the platform is easy to use and navigate. A single calendar of events is available to everyone with quick links to important documents.

New features include a Birthday Celebrations page showing current birthdays each week with a facility to send a personalized greeting and well wishes directly from the home page. Users can personalize their experience using the “My Favorites” section which has 8 main default applications for easy access.

This is just one of the many planned projects to improve communication and collaboration across the organization for staff and our senior managers encourage you to explore the new intranet home page to get the most benefit from it.