Compliance is Crucial

Compliance is Crucial

By Jamie Ramsamy, Head of Department, Quality Assurance

Thome Group Tgn Compliance Optimized


Thome Group’s vision, mission and core values are the foundational philosophy upon which the organisation operates. Our vision is a long term goal, our mission outlines our principles for reaching our vision and our core values provide us the moral compass on how to get there. But how do we, as an organisation, collectively achieve our vision? The answer resides in our management system.

The Thome Management System (TMS) is an integrated management system that covers a broad spectrum of regulatory, legal, statutory, best practice and industry requirements.

It also, importantly, covers the company’s specific requirements as well. By capturing and documenting our requirements in a single platform, the company is able to consistently communicate what is required by all Thome employees. It is living system that is continually reviewed and monitored to ensure that it is up to date in addressing operational challenges and mitigating the associated risks to safety, the environment and property. Compliance is therefore crucial!

Auditing is an important and necessary method in evaluating compliance. Whilst audits are carried out annually both ashore and onboard our vessels by external parties,
it is even more important that we audit ourselves to verify our own compliance. Internal audits are therefore a critical step in improving our system.

During each internal audit, compliance is verified against our TMS in accordance with our annual audit programme for both vessels and our site offices in accordance with TGP 1.1.7 and its associated appendices. This is planned in advance and audits are scheduled to ensure that coverage is done for the entire Group. Findings are then reported and handled accordingly.

However, what happens if a non-compliance is found outside of a scheduled audit period? In this case, the system allows for reporting of such non-compliances via our TSM Form 097 and TSM Form 97S (ship and shore respectively). The non-compliances are evaluated and verified by the Head of Department, Quality Assurance and entered into our audit tracking system.

By evaluating and verifying our compliances to our management system, we are continually improving the way we work and deliver our services and this will ensure that we achieve our vision together.