Cleaning up our Parks and Beaches

Cleaning up our Parks and Beaches

By Q.A. Department,

Thome Group Tgn Beach Clean Up Optimized


Thome recently held its annual park / beach cleanup activity on the 3rd May 2019 at the Labrador Nature Reserve. There were about 28 staff members who participated in the event.

The aim of the annual activity is not only to restore the park to serve its purpose as a source of natural resources and habitats for wildlife, but to also promote social responsibility amongst employees on the protection of the ocean and marine wildlife. It also helps to cultivate good environmental habits in them and to demonstrate our commitment towards environmental protection.

Volunteers spent approximately 2 hours in the park, picking up litter. They were given tongs, garbage bags, mineral water, a poncho and insect repellent patches. Safety guidelines were outlined before commencing the activity to ensure that the volunteers stayed safe.

All Thome’s volunteers actively participated in the event. Most of them worked in pairs or in groups, searching the ground for any litter. Most of the litter found were either plastics, cigarette buds, bottle caps and styrofoam.
When it was time for dinner, each of the volunteers were given bento meals and desserts. It was certainly a feast as everyone chatted and ate their meals. The majority of the Thome volunteers enjoyed the mango dessert and it sure was a good complement with the salad. The meal was also well balanced- another standout point in this event.

The timing of this event was also suitable, well planned and the motives clear cut.
Through this event, I am indeed grateful to be a given a chance to contribute to the environment, Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.

I believe that if everyone could exercise good environmental habits and implement them in their daily lives, we could achieve a better environment for us, the wildlife and the world.