Capt Ivar Thomasli – 14 Fruitful Years with Thome ROHQ

Capt Ivar Thomasli – 14 Fruitful Years with Thome ROHQ

By TGN Editorial Team


Capt. Ivar Thomasli is retiring from his role as Managing Director for Thome Ship Management ROHQ in end February 2019.

As one of the pioneers of Thome ROHQ, he has managed the company with utmost dedication and hard work. Working at Thome for 14 years, we have seen how Capt. Ivar has tirelessly driven the ambitions and development of ROHQ and has been the face of Thome not just in the Philippines but also for some Principals around the world.

From its humble beginnings of less than 40 employees, Thome ROHQ has grown to be one of the largest ship management shared services in the Philippines, with a 250 strong workforce, under his excellent management.

During his time as Managing Director, Capt. Ivar has presided over some key projects including the establishment of a successful cadet program, a victualling and training center at the ROHQ offices and the Calatagan training center which have all strengthened Thome’s capabilities in managing its vessels.

Outside of Thome, Capt. Ivar has always been a prominent figure in the Shipping industry and has served as the President of the Philippines Norway Business Council for 6 consecutive years.

On 21 December, during TSM’s Dinner and Dance held at Shangri La – Makati, Thome ROHQ and TSM paid tribute to the man who has been instrumental in steering Thome ROHQ’s success and one of the major forces in making the company what it is today.

In his moving speech, he thanked all those who has been part of his wonderful journey here at Thome, from the ROHQ employees that have supported him to his counterparts in Singapore.

He also acknowledged the TSM Group where he has worked since day one, acknowledging its support and recognizing the Eek Thorstensen family for the opportunity of leading the organization for fourteen years.

However, he will not be leaving the Philippines as he and his wife love the country and have decided to focus on their own business which involves crew communication, so many of us will see him in the future, just in a different role.

“You will always be in my mind and will bring me only good memories. I am confident that the TSM Group and the Thome Group will prosper with exciting years ahead. I wish you all the best for the future.” Capt Ivar stated in his speech during the TSM Dinner & Dance

All of us at Thome would like to wish him and his family well and continued success in the future.