BEST SAFETY AWARD 2018 for vessel Navigator Pluto

BEST SAFETY AWARD 2018 for vessel Navigator Pluto

By Prasanna Viswanathan, Senior Vessel Manager, Fleet Group 9

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Thome Ship Management is pleased to have been awarded the Pertamina Best Safety Performance Award for 2018 for the vessel it manages on behalf of Navigator Gas, called the Navigator Pluto.

The vessel won the “Above 15 Years” Best Safety category and is on a long term Pertamina time charter which speaks volumes about the sustained safety standards maintained by ship staff under the focussed guidance from the office. The award was accepted by Mr. Prasanna on behalf of Thome Ship Management at an awards ceremony which was held at Jog Jakarta on 28th March 2019.

Thome Senior Management extends its warm appreciation and sincere thanks to the officers and crew onboard the Navigator Pluto for this stellar performance and hopes that it encourages all Thome managed vessels to emulate the highest safety standards set by Navigator Pluto.

Well done to everyone involved!

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