Able-bodied TSM Seafarer Wins Award from The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation

Able-bodied TSM Seafarer Wins Award from The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation

By Orly Lirio Magnata, Marketing and Corporate Communications Officer, TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc

Able Bodied Tsm Seafarer Wins Award From The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation

Laurence Mark C. Alderte of TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. recently won an award from The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, an award-giving body that recognizes and rewards seafarers who exert extraordinary efforts to improve working conditions at sea. The awards ceremony will be held in Sweden later this year. The panel of assessors chose Alderte’s entry for the category called Work Award. The 39-year-old able-bodied seaman invented a portable davit, a device that lifts heavy pipe reducers – allowing easy connection with the manifold. The invention is basically designed to lift heavy reducers easily and save seafarers from possible injuries. Life at sea is very challenging but with safe working practices and the right mindset, a seafarer can go a long way.

Alderte believes that safety is an important part of the job and it should never be compromised. This has been his guiding principle for the last six years that he has been sailing with the company. “Safe working practices prevent accidents and losses. In a way, adhering to safety policies in the workplace contributes to environmental protection,” he said.

Apart from safe working practices, he also regards integrity as a passport to build a lasting career in the maritime industry. “I still have bigger goals to achieve and no matter how tough the job is, we can always rely on honesty and dedication at the end of the day,” he added.