A Profile of Chief Officer Cecile M. Beronilla

A Profile of Chief Officer Cecile M. Beronilla

By TGN Editorial Team

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Cecile M. Beronilla is currently a Chief Officer on a bulk carrier. She was drawn to a life at sea due to her uncle’s adventures onboard, as he is a captain, and she was also excited by the opportunity of seeing the world.

She joined Thome as a cadet in 2010 and passed her management exam in 2016, being quickly promoted to Chief Officer.

Her daily routine involves being on watch keeping duty from 4.00am to 8.00am and after that there is a toolbox meeting with crew regarding deck maintenance etc. As Chief Officer she has to monitor their work including ensuring it is carried out safely.

Personally, she likes the challenges of her role and believes that leading by example is the best way to inspire her team to reach their individual goals as seafarers.

Life at sea as a female has not always been easy for her as some of her male colleagues have not always been that accepting of women onboard but she believes in winning them over through performing her role in a professional manner which helps to gain their respect.

She is particularly grateful to the Thome Group for giving her the opportunity, motivation, support and encouragement to achieve her career goals. Her message to other women thinking of starting a career in seafaring is to go for it, especially as the IMO has come out in support of gender equality in shipping and recognising the importance and value of women within the professional ranks of maritime.

Her advice to women is not to let other people limit your expectations but have the confidence to break down barriers by showing men that you have the ability to perform tasks as well as they can.

Her ambition is to take command of a vessel as a Master one day.