A Message from our Group CEO on Safety

A Message from our Group CEO on Safety

By Olav Nortun, Chief Executive Officer, Thome Group

Olav N

Happy New Year!

Welcome to this first issue of 2019 which concentrates on the very important theme of ‘Safety’. To feel and be safe is important to all of us whether you are onboard or in the office. Safety is not all about following procedures, using personnel protection equipment and conducting risk assessment. For safety is also a state of mind and our attitude towards safety is just as important. We must all strive for a safety environment with the aim of zero incidents and zero accidents.

Good safety performance is a key to good operational performance. Incident and accidents can have a negative effect on individuals and on the company. Most of our vessels have a good safety record, but unfortunately there are vessels where we would like the safety performance to improve. That said, a good safety record today can be ruined by one safety laps tomorrow. Let’s make sure safety is on everybody’s mind.

In this edition, there is a very interesting article on common minor injuries which occur at sea and analysis on why these injuries occur in the first place and how they can be prevented from happening again.

Using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equally important, especially when entering enclosed spaces as so many tragedies still happen in the world fleet when crew enter an enclosed area without first taking the proper precautions to prevent serious injury or even death. Very often in the rush to get a job done, corners are cut and that is when an accident can happen resulting in serious consequences.

Thome’s senior management has made it quite clear that no job on board should be performed without a proper risk assessment to ensure that all the right procedures and safety equipment is in place before the task is allowed to take place.

To further enhance our safety record, the senior management at Thome has decided to introduce the concept of ‘Safety Coaches’. This is a new initiative and so we welcome your feedback on the philosophy and how it will work in practise.

We also have news about our new intranet and I’d like to thank those that took part in the survey which helped with this project to improve the look and feel of our internal communications.

This month has seen us revamp the Thome website and launch two microsites concentrating on our ship agency services and our expertise in marine consultancy.

Please take time to view the new website at www.thome.com.sg and the two microsites at https://www.thomeshipagency.com.sg/ and https://www.thomemarineconsultants.com.sg and let us have any feedback by contacting Corporate Communications.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.