A Message from Our Group CEO

A Message from Our Group CEO

By Olav Nortun, Chief Executive Officer, Thome Group 

Message from CEO

Dear Maritime Colleagues,

Happy New Year!

As we leave behind the very challenging year of 2020, let’s look towards 2021 with positivity and hope.

In this first issue of Thome Group News,  we are focusing on ‘Learning and Development’.

The career progression of our crew and office staff has always been very important to the senior management at Thome and as individuals we all need to be challenged in our roles and set ourselves goals to achieve so that we remain motivated and engaged.

This is why Thome has always prioritised the training and development of its staff.

Our safety coach scheme continues to be a success with these specialist mentors providing help and valuable advice when observing our crews in action onboard.

Our safety days are also continuing even though these are now conducted online rather than in-person. The virtual nature of these events does have some benefits, not least was the reduction in loss of work time due to there being no travelling to a physical venue. Online events also encourage shyer participants to ask questions using the chatbox function rather than having to speak up at a physical event.

Our seafarers also have access to industry approved training DVDs and modules to help them understand the key functions of their job roles and any safety aspects which they need to be aware of. Toolbox safety meetings are also a regular occurrence where issues can be discussed and resolved.

New technology also plays an important part of our training strategy. Once such development has been the introduction of a new Learning Management System (LMS) or what we simply called the HRIQ, has helped improve efficiency by automating a lot of our manual systems and providing transparency to managers and staff with regards to their training needs.

Another saw the installation of a new state-of-the-art navigation bridge simulator at the TSM building in Manila, Philippines, which will further enhance the training of our crew in a safe and secure environment. So, with a mix of mentoring by experienced personnel and the introduction of new technological training techniques, I feel that Thome has got the balance right to provide our clients with modern, well-trained crews who have safety as their most important consideration when making any decisions.

Let us all start the year right with enthusiasm and optimism.

Thank you for your continued support to Thome and always keep safe!