Marine & HSSEQ Superintendent

Position: Marine & HSSEQ Superintendent

Company: Thome Ship Management

Location: Mumbai, India.



Responsible in conjunction with the Marine Manager (Offshore) for implementing and maintaining a safe, cost efficient and environmentally sound operational standard in compliance with the Thome Offshore HSSEQ System as well as International Marine regulations and applicable client and charterer’s standards for all assigned vessels.


  • Responsible for managing compliance with Thome Offshore procedures and all applicable rules, regulations and industry codes, for assigned vessels.
  • Maintains regular contact with vessel Masters for all operational matters.
  • Responsible for ensuring correct regular reporting by assigned vessels in accordance with Thome Offshore procedures.
  • Acts as liaison with assigned vessels and authorities for flag & port state matters.
  • Responsible for ensuring assigned vessels are maintained up to date with all applicable publications, charts, and industry codes and guidelines.
  • Responsible for developing Corrective and Preventive actions and Root Cause Analysis from internal and external audits for assigned vessels.
  • Responsible for ensuring follow-up for corrective & preventive actions for assigned vessels.
  • Responsible for providing status updates for corrective and preventive actions as input for the central corrective action registry for assigned vessels.
  • Responsible for ensuring vessels carry out proper weekly / monthly reporting for all QHSES matters as per Thome Offshore procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring lessons learned and preventive actions from other vessels are disseminated and actioned for assigned vessels.
  • Responsible for reviewing and assisting in Risk Assessments and Management of Change requests for assigned vessels.
  • Responsible for conducting internal audits and inspections for assigned vessels.
  • Assist in / manage incident investigations and analysis and follow-up actions for assigned vessels.
  • Responsible for arranging external audits for assigned vessels as directed by Marine Operations Manager.
  • Responsible for carrying out onboard training for crews for Thome Offshore systems and procedures.
  • Participates in ISM Management Review meetings.
  • Operational roles e.g. vessel mobilizations, bidding assistance, DP operations, offshore mooring operations, and interface with the offshore crewing department.
  • Acts as Alternate Designated Person Ashore (ADPA)

Education and Qualification

  • Class 1 Certificate of Competency


  • Marine & HSSEQ Superintendent (Offshore)
  • Previous experience as Master for a minimum of 8 months on DP construction vessels/DSVs in worldwide operations
  • A proven track record as Superintendent for a minimum of 1 year in a shore based Shipping Company will have an advantage.
  • Candidate who are deemed technically competent and without shore experience will be considered.

For applicants, you may send your resume to