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Best Performing Cadet for 2014.

We would like to congratulate Deck Cadet Raiciu Nicola for receiving the the Most Outstanding Cadet Award for the year 2014.

Best CadetThe selection criteria included completion of Training Record book, Seagull CBT, and actual performance onboard the vessel. In addition, the cadet selected should have demonstrated a passion for his training, exemplified commitment to his profession, and showed a positive attitude towards peers and senior officers.

Raiciu has met and surpassed these criterias, and has clearly demonstrated the outstanding qualities we are looking for in our cadets and future maritime leaders.

He first sailed with Iver Blessing from Feb to Aug 2014 and currently onboard on Siteam Adventurer - completing his sea time. His 6 months onboard to Iver Blessing reflected his commitment towards completing all the tasks and his continuous training and development. He received excellent performance appraisal and was commended for his punctuality. Further, he is greatly motivated and hard-working cadet who is ready to meet the challenges of self-development.

We expect him to continue his good performance and look forward to welcoming him as a junior officer within our fleet very soon.



MRCC – Tarifa grateful to M/V Lynda Victory

09 February 2015 at Golfo de Capiz. M/V Lynda Victory engaged in Search and Rescue Operation of a small boat with 2 crewmember. According to the crew, the boat ran out of fuel and have no means of communication to seek help.

MRCC – Tarifa extended their gratefulness to the crew of M/V Lynda Victory for their help and cooperation.


Thome Global Cadet Program – 2015 Intake

Launched in 2005 under THOME's "Human Element" initiative, the Thome Global Cadet Program has already trained in excess of 1,350 cadets from at least 12 countries in Asia, Europe and the Far East. Currently there are 650 cadets at various stages of training on the program with another 250 plus due to join soon as deck, engine, and electrical and catering cadets in 2015.

The success of this scheme has enabled THOME Group to fill all of its 2014 junior officer vacancies from within its own pool of trained seafarers. Cadet Intake2015a

As Thome Group continues with the large-scale and rapid expansion of its fleet, the requirement for suitably trained officers to serve onboard our tankers, bulkers, gas carriers and offshore has increased exponentially. Our cadet program has a robust selection process to ensure we recruit well-rounded, excellent individuals who benefit from our high quality coaching. Our cadets are a multi-national and multi-cultural group, fully representative of the diversity with THOME Group.

In 2015, we plan to hire around 275 cadets globally. Philippines remain the core of the intake whilst we continue to expand in Myanmar, Europe, India and China.

Cadet Intake2015b



THOME Group is first ship manager to achieve eco-office status

ECO LABELS_Office 2014-2016

THOME Group has become the first ship management company to achieve Eco-Office certification in Singapore.

The international ship manager has successfully completed an environmental audit throughout its Singapore offices to achieve Eco-Office status, which is regarded as the strictest of its kind in Singapore corporate circles.

This award recognizes THOME Group as an organization which embraces its duty of care to the environment in which it operates. Sustainability through energy and environmental conservation programs is imperative and Thome Group does not differentiate between vessels and shore offices when it comes to adopting such programs.

Thome Group's audit took place throughout its corporate locations in Singapore, including Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd, Thome Offshore Management Pte Ltd and Thome Oil & Gas Pte Ltd. The Eco-Office Certification is valid until Dec 2016

Thome Group President, Claes Eek Thorstensen, said: "We are proud of this award but with pride comes responsibility, particularly since we are the first in our sector to achieve this certification. We owe it to ourselves, the marine fraternity in Singapore and also to our stake holders around the globe, to continue to uphold these high environmental standards."

Eco-Office is a joint initiative between Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and City Developments Limited (CDL). One of the key programs associated with the project is the online Eco-Office Rating System which enables offices to perform a self-audit based on supplied metrics, such as corporate environmental policy and commitment, purchasing practice, waste minimisation measures and levels of recycling, enabling companies to gauge their performance over time and to apply for an Eco-Office award (previously known as the Green Office).



THOME Group has been appointed as a member of the INTERTANKO Environmental Committee.

Veeresh Bahadur, Group Environmental Compliance Manager and Operations Manager – Tankers, will represent the company on the Committee, which aims to promote environmental protection through communication and experience sharing.

Intertanko Environmental committee represents INTERTANKO at IMO and other industry fora so as to ensure proper representation on appropriate committees and working groups developing environmental legislation and regulation. It aims to foster co-operation with the IMO, IACS, OCIMF, ICS and other recognised bodies involve with the protection of the environment.

Some of the projects the committee is presently discussing include ship recycling, biofouling and antifouling; port reception facilities, environmental performance, ballast water management, Garbage and Waste Management

Mr Bahadur said: "Environmental matters are very much at the heart of THOME Group's global operations. Joining INTERTANKO's Environmental Committee consolidates our position and enables us to be even more proactive and to take part in industry lobbying on environmental issues."




Thome Group Appoints New CEO

Effective 1st April 2015, Thome Group will have Olav Magnus Nortun as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). For several years, Mr. Nortun worked with DNV GL holding different position and earning him wide experience in the maritime industry specifically strategic development and governance of production, knowledge management and systems related to ship classification. He is a Master of Science in Naval Architecture from the Norwegian Institute of Technology with a post graduate in 'Management in a Technological Environment' in addition to attending Senior Management courses at INSEAD, Fontanebleau and IMD in Lausanne.

Furthermore, Olav Eek Thorstensen will step aside as Group CEO but will continue as Thome Group Executive Chairman while Claes Eek Thorstensen will continue as Thome Group President.



Thome Charity Run 2014

The traditional Thome Charity Run held last October at East Coast Park became extra special as employees not just active participated but also encouraged to pledge donations to Breadline Group - a local charity group with Family Adoption Schemes sponsored by Scandinavian Women's Association (SWA). Thome Group doubled the amount collected from its employees to support the program "Thome Family'. This activity is part of Thome Health Awareness Program and Thome Corporate Social Responsibility of maintaining a healthy lifestyle amongst its employees and helping the community.


3 September | News Flash

M.V. Golden Suek rescue two crews of M.V. Poline

In the East Sea between Korea and Japan, September 3, 2014 0400UTC; During bad weather, Capt. Rosbillo S. Bilbao of the M.V. Golden Suek received a distress call from the vessel M.V. Poline. Without hesitation they proceeded to the distress scene and rescued 2 crew survivors boarded on the life raft and safety pick-up from the water. Currently, search and rescue operation are still on-going for the vessel as per the Japanese Coast Guard.



27 May 2014 | Short News

Thome Group supports Singapore Maritime Industry Recruitment Drive

As part of the Singapore "Maritime One" tripartite industry initiative to attract more young people to the Singapore maritime cluster industry, Thome Group Executives on invitation from SMF today attended the Singapore Maritime Fair event at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Speaking directly to 360 students attending the maritime career fair Thome Executives presented the Global maritime cluster industry career opportunities towards the students put into a local as global employment career perspective.

The key message being that the Maritime Cluster Industry offers a "world of careers" and that the jobs offered are not 'a dead end' choice but merely an entry ticket to many other unique jobs.

The Thome Group will continue to directly deploy own shore management trainees in its main locations, hereunder Singapore. Thome shore based trainee concept complements the Thome Group intensive investment in ship based cadetships as an industry frontrunner in the global cadet training program.

Presently Thome Group deploys some 500 cadets from 12 different nationalities under training within the Thome Group of Companies.

20 May 2014 | General News
Thome Signs up to ShipServ

Click here to read the Press Release issued by ShipServ


30 April 2014 | General News
Evergas first Danish flagged vessel during China State visit

Click here to read the Press Release issued by Evergas



22 March 2014 | General News

Thome Ship Management into the Seagull Competence Manager online platform


Thome Ship Management has migrated its existing Thome Competence Management System (TCMS) into the Seagull Competence Manager online platform to manage its ever-growing demand for crew training and competence gap analysis as part of the extensive Thome crewing training investment and unique Thome Human Element Concept.

Thome Ship Management is a dynamic global provider of integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries. Based in Singapore, and celebrating 50 years of service, the Thome Group of Companies represents a unique combination of the best elements of Scandinavian shipping tradition with the modern drive of Asian business enterprise.

Thome provides a global service extending to 300 vessels supported by over 600 shore staff and a pool of 10,000 seafarers globally.

After several years of using another software vendor to manage its Thome Competence Management System, Thome has transferred to the Seagull Competence Manager platform. The process involved a system clean-up, review and restructuring of defined competences, which are ship and rank specific. Seagull also assisted Thome in the integration of the Thome Competence Management System with their Crew Management system.

“We have been using the Seagull CBT Training System onboard our vessels for the past few years and have been very satisfied with the products and services offered by Seagull,” says Sartaj Gill, Head of Group Crew Training, Thome Ship Management. “Since we saw the need to improve the functionality of the software platform last year, we decided to transfer our competence elements and assessment results to Seagull’s Competence Manager allowing our employees to use one system for both training and assessment. We are very happy with the cooperation with Seagull during the process and are confident that we now have a solution that fully covers our needs.”

Building a competent crew through continuous training, gap identification and assessment is key to improving ship performance.

The Seagull training and competence system has been designed for easy use by crew members, as well as giving managers ashore a full overview of each seafarer’s development and level of competence allowing them to identify candidates ready for promotion.

“When Thome made inquiries to change their IT platform to manage their Thome Competence Management System we were able to demonstrate that our solution is the best available and is a working solution already used by many other major shipping companies,” says Frank Pete, Director Software Systems, Seagull AS . “We were happy to take on the challenge as we see every such opportunity as a way to learn more about industry requirements and needs. We acknowledge our partners to be the most powerful resource to guide us on how to improve our products and services to ensure they have the most efficient tools available to solve their challenges. We look forward to continuing to work with Thome Ship Management on developing the competence of their seafarers and our systems and services.”



Thome in Myanmar: An Invitation.

THOME GROUP cordially invites you to attend The Inaugural Reception of our new office THOME SHIPPING (MYANMAR) LIMITED
Date: Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Time: 18:00 - 19:30
Venue: Grand Ballroom Summit Park View Hotel
Address: 350 Ahlon Road, Dagon Township Yagon, Myanmar
Kindly RSVP: By Friday 04 April 2014 to Capt. U Kyawlin
Tel: +65 8111 4891, +95 420 004 901

Click here for the PDF Invite 



19 Feb 2014 | General News


To enforce our ongoing human element drive and to further support the Singapore 'MaritimeOne' Concept, Thome attended the career fairs in Singapore at the NTU and NUS universities under the SMF maritime pavilions

Our main objective was accomplished raised awareness of ship management as an interesting and global industry to an amazing crowd of young people attending the career fair in Singapore


18 Feb 2014 | General News

New Thome Head of Tanker Crewing Operations - Henrik Bisbo

It is with great excitement and equally great expectations that I have taken over the position as Head of Tanker Crewing Operations with Thome Ship Management based in Singapore as from 17 February 2014. I shall be replacing Reji Joseph and will report to the Chief Operations Officer tankers as part of the Thome tanker division management team.

The shipping industry in general, and the tanker segment in particular, have undergone tremendous changes over the past years, and everything points in the direction of even more changes to come. At Thome we take great pride in being at the forefront of the industry in all aspects, and very few people involved in shipping will disagree that the single most important asset to any company is its staff. Our ships will go nowhere without you and your dedicated work and efforts in a taxing and strenuous environment.

A married family man and a proud ex-seafarer with almost twenty years at sea followed by another almost twenty years in shore based positions in shipping companies in Asia, Africa and Europe, I feel confident that we can work together towards an even better and brighter future for the company and for each of us individually. To achieve that a positive and constructive communication is paramount, and I am confident that we can establish such a positive and constructive dialogue by means of personal contact at seminars, during visits to your ships or your visits to the office in Singapore or elsewhere. Our dedicated team in the crewing department in Singapore together with all the crewing offices in Asia and Europe will work closely with you to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Whatever thoughts and ideas you might have on how to improve on safety, security, procedures and anything else you might think of, please bring them forward. We at the office depend on your input from the ships to be able to effect changes where needed. A new initiative aimed at facilitating an efficient communication on such matters is under way, and you will receive more information about this shortly.

Our crewing executives are your primary contacts in the office for day to day issues, but in case of urgent and serious matters, please feel free to contact me directly at: or call me at +65 6329 4327.

I am looking very much forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Yours sincerely,

Henrik Bisbo

Master Mariner

Head of Tanker Crewing Operations

Thome Ship Management



14 Feb 2014 | General News

 Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd appointed by Nordic Shipholding A/S

Nordic Shipholding A/S has appointed Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd as new technical managers of its vessels replacing TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG.

The change in technical manager involves one-off costs.

Nordic Shipholding A/S does not expect this change to have a significant impact on the 2014 results.