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A worldwide career within the Thome Group


A career path in the Thome Group of Companies is not necessarily a traditional career path but rather one which offers personal as professional development which may differ from individual to individual.

A successful career in Thome is one in which both the Company and the individual take a shared responsibility and pride to get the best out of the relationship.

We believe that with responsibility also follows accountability; we constantly strive to unleash the full potential of each of our colleagues – onboard as well as in office, whatever the rank– and we encourage our staff to take advantage of career opportunities when they arise.

But it is a two way street.

At Thome, we see each colleague as an important member of a world-class team, always able to be in a position to deal with the many day to day challenges but never losing the direction nor priorities as recognizing the importance of the team.

A career in Thome Group is a career in an international enterprise that runs 24/7/365 with a true global reach. For example, in our Head Office in Singapore we are fortunate to employ in excess of 25 different nationalities. This Human Resources (HR) approach is by deliberate choice – not by accident.

We believe that diversity in our HR gives us strength and better results and competitive edge. We are proud to offer career opportunities to employees from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds.

As a world leading ship management company, we know the only constant is that of change. We therefore seek colleagues who share the same high standards and ethics in best practice ship management and who want to be part of a winning team.

We recognise those who deliver results with passion as those who can adapt to the ever changing demands of our diverse and global customers base.

We are close to our customers and business partners and endeavour to provide service excellence with a hands-on key account team approach.

Our many vessels, which we manage on behalf of our many ship owners, trade globally in all major ports, on all continents on the seven seas.

In Thome we attract, recruit and develop the right employees in order to achieve our business goals by utilising a careful and respectful recruitment process with high ethical standards.

When you submit an application to Thome in response to a job vacancy, you can expect it to be dealt with carefully by a qualified representative from our HR Department in conjunction with the recruiting manager.

At the interview the HR representative and the recruiting manager assess the candidate's professional and personal competences. Before signing an employment contract with Thome you can expect at least two interviews including a Personal Profile Analysis to which you will receive personal feedback during the interview process.

Welcome onboard!